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Glutamax 300g

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Glutamax 300g Vitafor
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Glutamine Module is a nutrient intended for enteral and/or oral nutrition, composed of pure and isolated L-glutamine. This product is an excellent option for those looking to supplement their diet with this important amino acid.

Product benefits:

  • 100% pure and isolated glutamine


  • High purity L-Glutamine
  • 100% vegetable
  • Due to its neutral flavor, it can be added to the drink of your choice or diluted in water.
  • Vlabor Quality Seal
Glutamax 300g

Scientific data: Glutamine performs several important functions in the human body. In situations of physical stress, such as trauma, surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy and high-intensity exercise, the body may need a greater amount of glutamine. Glutamine supplementation can help offset this extra demand.

This amino acid is synthesized by the human body and has several functions, including providing energy to cells, especially those of the immune system and intestine. Furthermore, glutamine can assist in nitrogen transport, renal ammoniagenesis and the production of glutathione, an important antioxidant.

Scientific studies have shown that glutamine can have benefits on the immune system, helping to reduce muscle fatigue, infection rate, inflammation and length of stay in situations of illness or surgery.

GLUTAMAX® Vitafor is a powdered food supplement composed of the amino acid L-glutamine, developed with high purity raw material from Ajinomoto Co., internationally recognized for its quality standards. Furthermore, GLUTAMAX® uses 100% vegetable raw materials, guaranteeing its quality and purity.