Collection: Sustainability Policy

The Future starts now.

Vitafor is committed to sustainability.

In addition to promoting health and well-being, VITAFOR is committed to the environment and the future of humanity.

We care about promoting health not only in our products, but also in the brand's actions, through environmental solutions. Discover our sustainable initiatives.

Vitafor has the seal alt text

We invest in recycling through a partnership with the company eureciclo.

With this action, we proved that packaging equivalent to ours was recycled. Therefore, we promote recycling with social responsibility and communicate this commitment with the eureciclo seal.

In addition to reducing the impact on the environment, the money allocated to sorting centers promotes investment in structures, improvements in working conditions and income for workers in recyclable collector organizations and operators.

By choosing a Vitafor product, in addition to taking care of your health, you help to take care of the health of the planet.