Collection: Exchanges & returns

The customer is granted the right to regret the purchase, with the aim of returning the product, and the following conditions must be observed:

The deadline for canceling the purchase of the product is up to 14 (fourteen) calendar days, from the date of receipt of the product. The customer must request a return via email help Expenses arising from collection or shipping of the product will be borne by VITAFOR EUROPE.

In case of return, the product must be returned in the original packaging, unopened, without signs of use . To make returns, the customer must access their customer area and/or contact our team so they can help you with this. process.

The product will be subject to analysis by the VITAFOR Specialized Team. The refund of the amount paid will only be released after approval by this Team. If any discrepancy or violation of the product is identified, the return will not be accepted and the product will be returned to the customer. The customer will be able to track the return through the carrier's tracking from posting to arrival at our Distribution Center.

After receiving and verifying the order, our Customer Service Center will contact the customer to discuss how to refund the amount paid. When returning products, the amount paid will not include shipping costs and will be reimbursed using the same payment method used when placing the order.

Upon receipt of the product, VITAFOR will check whether the above conditions have been met. If so, we will provide a refund of the full purchase price. Otherwise, cancellation, exchange or refund will not be carried out.

With the aim of fully serving our customers, VITAFOR establishes this exchange policy, according to the needs of our customers and consumers.

The refund will be made after the returned product has been received and analyzed at our distribution center.

For purchases made with payment via Boleto or Pix: For purchases paid with bank slip or pix, the refund will be made via pix, within 5 (five) business days, only to the buyer's current account, which must be individual.

It is necessary to inform the order buyer's pix key. If the buyer does not have a current account that meets the above conditions, written authorization must be made indicating the bank account for the refund.

For purchases made with payment via Credit Card: For purchases made using a credit card, the card administrator will be notified and the refund will occur on the next or subsequent invoice, all at once, regardless of the number of installments used in the purchase. The reimbursement period and the collection of remaining installments after the full refund of the purchase amount on the customer's credit card are the responsibility of the card administrator.

In the event of future installments being charged by the card administrator, the customer will not be burdened, as VITAFOR, as mentioned above, refunds the full value of the product in one go, with the credit referring to the refund being granted in full by the card administrator. card on the billing invoice subsequent to the month of cancellation.

The refund procedure is the sole responsibility of the financial administrator, releasing VITAFOR from checking the refund amount, which must be made by the customer on subsequent credit card invoices. VITAFOR is exempt from the obligation to cancel any purchase in which the product does not meet the requirements listed in this provision.

EXCHANGE FOR NON-CONFORMITIES: In the case of exchange for products that are defective, the deadline for reporting the occurrence is up to 90 days from receipt of the order by the customer (from the date of delivery of the order) via email sac

The product will undergo a technical analysis to verify the presence of manufacturing defects. If no defect is found, the product will be returned to the customer. If a defect is found, the customer may choose to return the amount paid, exchange the product,

DEADLINE FOR EXCHANGE: We have a period of up to 30 (thirty) calendar days, counting from the date of posting the product and, if so, the exchange meets plausible requirements. With a product in stock, a similar one will automatically be sent to the customer. If the product is out of stock, the customer will be offered:

If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact our customer service center Customer Service Center Page or via telephone on 0800 771 3040 and or